Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not Quite Crazy...Yet!

Couponing is all the rage these days. I enjoy it..but I am not the crazy couponer....yet. Today I went to CVS to get the good deals. I didn't even use an actual coupon, just CVS extrabucks.

So here is what I bought.
4 - 12 packs of Diet  Mt. Dew (OK, so I realized after I bought 4, that the deal was on 3, Oh well)
     They were 3/$10, if you bought 3 you received $4.00 extrabucks
3 - American Greeting Cards
     If you bought 3 American Greeting Cards, you received $3.00 extrabucks
1 - Reese's Valentines Day Egg
    If you bought one at .87, you received $.87 in extrabucks.

My total was right at $17.00 before tax, I made sure to have her scan my Green bag tag (It cost .99 to purchase. You attach it to your personal shopping bag and use it every time you go shopping at CVS. After the fourth scan, you get $1.00 extrabucks that prints on your receipt. )
I had $3.00 extrabucks so I paid right at $14.00 before tax. It would have only been $10.60 had I paid attention and only purchased 3 packs of coke. As you can see, I'm still a little frustrated.

When my receipt printed I had my $4.00 extrabucks from my cokes and the $3.00 from the American Greeting Cards. The one for the Reese's egg did not print. The cashier was able to print a new one for $1.00 for me. So I paid $14.00 and have $8.00 to spend on my next visit. I also know that on my next visit I will receive my next $1.00 from my green bag tag.

The one thing I have realized here recently is this:
If CVS ever runs a deal on American Greeting cards, buy 3 get $3.00 extrabucks - I go buy three of the $.99 cards. They have this deal a lot and I am stocking up on cards, which are basically making you three cents.

I also review the ad and try to go first thing on Sunday's, especially if I have a manufacturer's coupon as well. They will give you a rain check, but that is not always good when you have a coupon which expires soon. Also, make sure to look closely at the sales paper, typically you are only allowed to receive the extrabucks rewards one time during the sale.

Happy Couponing!


  1. Ashley!! I didn't know you were a blogger! Love it! And I also didn't know you were a crazy coupon lady! ;) Happy early birthday!!